Family owned from the beginning...

  • 1987Tom Mazzetta Establishes Mazzetta Company, LLC

    Prior to 1987, Tom Mazzetta gained valuable experience working for several major seafood companies in the Chicagoland area. In 1987, with the support of his wife Cindy, he decided it was time to start his own business. Thus, Mazzetta Company, LLC was born.

  • 1995SEAMAZZ® Brand Comes to Market

    Although importing a variety of quality seafood brands, Tom Mazzetta realized that the company can best be served by marketing its own brand. The SEAMAZZ® label has become synonymous with the finest seafood products.

  • 1998Londonderry Freezer Warehouse is Built in New Hampshire

    As sales grew, so did the inventory needed to support them. Londonderry Freezer Warehouse was built in Londonderry, New Hampshire to bring Mazzetta Company to the next level of vertical integration. Test kitchens were included in the facility to ensure the ability to conduct corporate inspections.

  • 1999Londonderry Freezer Warehouse Expands

    One year after opening, Londonderry expands an additional 30,000 square feet.
  • 2003Highwood Cold Storage is Built

    Mazzetta Company prides itself on being able to maintain substantial inventories. In 2003, Highwood Cold Storage was built a few miles down the road from Londonderry Freezer Warehouse. This expansion almost doubled Mazzetta's frozen storage capacity.

  • 2004Jordan Mazzetta joins Family Business

    After graduating with degrees in finance and management from the University of Arizona, Jordan Mazzetta decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Mazzetta Company.

  • 2005All-Natural SEAMAZZ Prime™ is Released to Market

    10 years after the introduction of the SEAMAZZ® brand, Mazzetta Company released SEAMAZZ Prime™. These products are all-natural, chemical-free and adhere to strict processing specifications.

  • 2005Highwood Cold Storage Expands

    Over time, Mazzetta Company has readily adapted its storage facilities to fit the dynamic needs of their client base.
  • 2007Zachary Mazzetta joins Family Business

    In 2007, Tom & Cindy's youngest son Zachary began his career as a Mazzetta Company salesman. Zach is also involved in the procurement of patagonian toothfish and mussels.

  • 2008Mazzetta Company Adds North Atlantic Lobster to the SEAMAZZ® Product Line

    Mazzetta Company established the foundation to become a leader in the North Atlantic Lobster Industry.
  • 2009Mazzetta Company Becomes Exclusive Supplier of Tristan Lobster Tails

    Tristan da Cunha offers lobsters from the most isolated, inhabited island in the world. In 2009, Mazzetta Company secured an exclusive supply relationship for Tristan lobster tails.

  • 2010Mazzetta Company Partners with Hofseth International

    Mazzetta Company partnered with Hofseth International to develop a customized Norwegian salmon program. This relationship brings the U.S. market a vertically integrated Norwegian salmon and cod operation for retail and food service customers.

  • 2010Beach Point Processing Company Begins Production

    As Mazzetta Company became more involved with North Atlantic lobster, the importance of vertical integration was realized. The purchase of Beach Point Processing on Prince Edward Island in Canada provided Mazzetta with lobster production capabilities.

  • 2011Mazzetta Company Purchases Atwood Lobster, LLC

    In May of 2011, the purchase of Atwood Lobster was completed. Atwood procures lobster direct from fishing boats and forwards live product to Beach Point Processing.
  • 2011Londonderry Storage Expands

    In 2011, construction began for an 87,000 sq ft addition to Londonderry Freezer Warehouse. The combined storage space now surpasses 300,000 sq. ft. The revised building features state of the art refrigerated storage, conference rooms, corporate offices and quality assurance inspection facilities.

  • 2012Beach Point-Nova Scotia

    Towards the end of 2012, Mazzetta Company rebuilt two lobster holding facilities in Clarks Harbor, Nova Scotia. Three wharves and twenty fishing boats provide a consistent supply of North Atlantic lobster which is shipped daily to Canada, USA, Europe and China.
  • 2015Gloucester Seafood Processing

    Looking to expand our seafood product list, Gloucester Seafood Processing was established in 2015. Based in the America's oldest seaport, GSP specializes in offering fresh & frozen American groundfish and lobster. This facility assists in Mazzetta's goal to be a fully integrated supplier that controls quality from harvest to product delivery.