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SEAMAZZ® Swai (Pangasius hypophthalmus) is a premium whitefish that is a perfect choice for a multitude of recipes. This product is available IQF, IVP or Shatterpack.

Chilean Sea Bass

Atlantic Cod

MSC-Certified Norwegian Cod is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. SEAMAZZ® Cod is available in IQF or IVP product forms.



This wild-caught, all natural, American groundfish is sourced, processed & distributed from our sister company Gloucester Seafood Processing. Haddock is available in 4/6, 6/8 & 8/12 graded sizes in your choice of IVP or IQF fillets.

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Haddock 16 oz. Retail

SEAMAZZ Haddock is great for grocers looking for a sustainable All-American fish product. Whether baked, broiled, fried, poached or smoked, ease of preparation is one of it’s outstanding features.

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Orange Roughy

Breaded Roughy

Our breading accentuates this delicate fish to create a unique flavor profile. SEAMAZZ® 4 oz. Breaded Roughy comes ready to bake and serve.

Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy has a pearly-white appearance that adapts to numerous recipes and seasonings.

Dover Sole

SEAMAZZ® Dover Sole is wild-caught in the cold waters of Holland. One of the seafood industry's marquee choices.

Smooth Dory

Smooth Dory is a deepwater species found only in the Southern Hemisphere. Firm fillets suitable for most cooking methods.


SEAMAZZ® MSC-Certified Hoki is a delicate white fish processed by our partners in New Zealand.