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Cooked Shrimp

Raw Shrimp

Regardless of the sourcing, Mazzetta Company will send a well trained employee to inspect the factory before they are authorized to pack under the SEAMAZZ® label.
Countries of Origin: Thailand, India, Indonesia & Vietnam.

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Breaded Shrimp

Breaded shrimp are available in graded sizes from 12/15 through 51/60. Traditional or custom flavor profiles are available. Product forms include tail on, tail off, butterfly & round.

Shrimp Burger

SEAMAZZ® Shrimp Burgers bring the tasty crustaceans from the sea to a unique & healthy product form. Each box contains four 3.5 oz. burgers.

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Shrimp Rings

Shrimp Rings

Our SEAMAZZ® shrimp rings are available in 10, 12 and 16 oz. including cocktail sauce. Shrimp rings are great for parties or gatherings, just thaw and enjoy!

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All Natural Prime™ Shrimp Rings

SEAMAZZ® Prime™ Shrimp delivers unparalleled taste and texture. Processed to exact quality standards, cooked to perfection in-the-shell, then peeled, deveined and individually quick frozen.

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Patagonian Prawns

These amazing, wild-caught shrimp (also known as Argentine Red Shrimp) are harvested from the ice-cold unpolluted waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Argentina.