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At Mazzetta Company, we literally go to the ends of the earth for our
customers. We seek out the highest quality fisheries. We partner with the
best local suppliers and resources to responsibly harvest and meticulously
process the freshest-tasting seafood available in the world today. By
extending our reach around the globe for well-managed, environmentally
sound aquaculture and wild-caught fisheries, we are able to meet the ever
increasing demand for premium quality fish and shellfish. We are at work
around the clock providing a constant supply of a wide variety of delicious
and nutritious seafood for today’s consumers. We have made the deep
commitment to business practices that ensure healthy, sustainable marine
resources for tomorrow.


The pure quality of Mazzetta Company frozen premium seafood always
earns applause. Fish and shellfish marketed under our SEAMAZZ® brand
is widely recognized for consistently excellent flavor and texture. Each step
in our supply chain has been carefully designed and consistently executed
to deliver Mazzetta Company premium products efficiently and safely from
points of origin to our customers across North America. At the source,
Mazzetta seafood is skillfully processed and quickly frozen to ensure the
true flavor and freshness. Mazzetta’s stringent inspection, monitoring and
traceability processes are second to none. Our proficient management of
our state-of-the-art warehousing and high-tech packaging facilities is
instrumental in preserving the true characteristics of our premium seafood.


Every day our seafood products are delivered across North America, arriving as flavorful, pure, and nutritious as the moment they were harvested.