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We provide
frozen seafood
all over the world

Mazzetta Company, LLC is one of the largest importer & producers of shrimp, mussels, lobsters, crab and finfish.

We produce over a 100 million lbs. of finished seafood products annually.

Our seafood products

Why us?

Mazzetta Company didn’t become a top 10 seafood supplier by taking shortcuts. Our products and our customers are like the company, a family. We believe in focusing on high quality product delivery built on long-standing relationships.

Globally recognized as a leader in frozen seafood supply chain, we simplify the process for seafood buying for supermarkets, foodservice, distributors and club stores throughout North America.

What do we do?

The procurement, quality assurance, storage and distribution of frozen seafood product all under one house. We control every aspect of our product from farmed egg to finished portion.  Our entire seafood production that spans over 900 individual GTIN is completely traceable back to source.

What is our benefit?

Mazzetta Company, LLC removes the guesswork out of the frozen seafood supply chain. With over 30 years of experience in seafood, we have seen it all. Learning from others and ourselves, we offer a seamless buying experience to our clients that has forged decade long relationships built on trust, quality, and responsibility.

Family Owned
Humble Beginnings

Mazzetta Company, LLC was established in 1987 by Tom Mazzetta. Tom started the company after gaining years of experience working for major seafood companies and saw an opportunity to start his business.

Today, the entire Mazzetta family is involved in everyday activity from procurement, sales, and operations. Mazzetta Company is not just our name, its a family legacy and commitment.

1987, Tom Mazzetta Establishes Mazzetta Company, LLC.

1995, Seamazz brand comes to market. Our hallmark brand that is synonymous with the finest seafood products.

1998, Our storage facility, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse, is built and established to maintain year round supply.

2003, A second facility, Highwood Cold Storage, is built to assist in the storage capacity of Londonderry.

2010, Beach Point Processing begins production. As Mazzetta Company’s demand for North Atlantic lobster products grew, the importance of vertical integrated was realized to start a plant.

2019, Oishii Shrimp is released. Proprietary pond construction, cutting-edge farming techniques, and strict water quality monitoring allows us to produce a quality of shrimp that is second to none – this is Oishii Shrimp.

2022, a new lobster wharf, Atwood Stonington is added to our procurement, bait and lobster facilities list for North Atlantic live lobsters.

2022, Mazzetta Company becomes the sole, exclusive distributor of Open Ocean Whakatōhea Mussels, a greenshell mussel grown in one of the most pristine aquatic environments in the world, New Zealand.

2023 & Beyond, Making improvements through our operational facilities to achieve higher quality and faster processing, Mazzetta Company will be releasing new information on our facility improvements.

We are an integral part from the start


Wild Caught or Farmed

Mazzetta Company, LLC is vertically integrated through the supply chain. We are hands-on in the processing facilities & farms through our internal and 3rd party network.

Using North Atlantic lobster as an example; Mazzetta owns the wharf holding facility, Atwood Lobster, the processing plant, Beach Point Processing, and the cold storage facility that we distribute out of, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse.

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