Oishii Shrimp go from swimming to frozen within 4 hours

The 3 pillars of Oishii Shrimp

Proximity Farming

Close to the source

Farming only minutes away from our production facilities allows for the freshest shrimp possible. Whereas typical shrimp farms may be hours away, Oishii shrimp go from swimming to frozen within 4 hours.

Rapid Transportation

Keeping it fresh

Our unique aerated live transportation is used to ensure freshness from pond to plant. Every single shrimp is transported alive and swimming in controlled, aerated vessels.

Processed Fresh

Fast & Efficient

Fresh hand-processing naturally preserves the color and taste profile of the shrimp. There is an immediate visual difference when comparing Oishii shrimp to traditional farming methods.

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Shrimp Simplified

Oishii [oh-ee-shee] shrimp are harvested through dedicated small-batch farming methods. Proprietary pond construction, cutting-edge farming techniques, and strict water quality monitoring allows us to produce a quality of shrimp that is second to none. Shrimp arrive fresh and are processed by hand immediately to preserve the quality of each and every shrimp.

These unique systems produce a shrimp with superior color, texture, and flavor.

Free From Antibiotics

No Artificial

All Natural

Free From Phosphates

No Added


3-Star Certified

All Oishii Shrimp are 3-star, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified. BAP has become the leading standard for aquaculture seafood that encompasses all quality assurance and control through every stage of the shrimp life cycle.
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