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Lobster Tails

New Zealand Tails

Southern Rock Lobster can be found in reef habitats surrounding Australia and New Zealand. While seasons are limited, Mazzetta Company strives to maintain a constant inventory.

South African Tails

South African Rock Lobsters are sustainably caught in the cold waters surrounding the southern coast of Africa.

Whole Lobster

Whole Raw Lobster

SEAMAZZ® Whole Raw Lobster is sourced from sustainable fisheries in both Maine and Canada and produced at our facility on Prince Edward Island. Being frozen, it is a cost effective alternative to live lobster.

Whole Cooked Lobster

SEAMAZZ® Whole Cooked Lobster is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience, saving you valuable time in the kitchen. Sourced from sustainable fisheries in cold, North Atlantic waters and processed at our corporate facilities. Frozen lobster has a longer shelf life and is more price stable than live lobster.

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Lobster Meat


SEAMAZZ® lobster tail meat contains large, plump pieces of meat from freshly cooked lobster.


SEAMAZZ® Minced Lobster Meat is produced in-house and extracted from cooked lobster bodies.

Lobster Claw & Arm